Monday, January 5, 2015

So I bought a sewing machine. ...

Well, I bought  myself  a  sewing  machine. That  being  said , that  thing  is  intimidating!  It sat in box  on the  floor for  two  weeks  before I worked up enough  courage  to  get  it  out.  One  Sunday  I bravely  decided  to  get  it  out  and attempt  to  make  it operational. ..after two hours I finally  figured out how  to  thread  the  bobbin ( yes it had a  instruction manual  as well as a instructional DVD but they  were  confusing )  Let's fast   forward  two weeks ....... I love  owls so  I decided  to  make  a owl pillow ,of course  I had  no  pattern (that  would make  to much  sense) but  I did  have  a $5 bag of fabric I picked  up at  a thrift  store so  I started cutting. Well it turned  out son  seen  it  & said  he  liked  my "horned" owl pillow, after I laughed  and  laughed  I informed  him  those  were  ears. He said  "oh,there are  horned owls you know " I then  informed him  this  was CLEARLY a intentional  horned owl pillow . I have  to  say  it was pretty easy  to  assemble after  I figured  out how  to  manipulate and  move  the fabric workout  sewing my fingers. One  day  I will  get  a pattern  but until  then  I will  continue  to  sew beautiful  "horned" owls :)

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