Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Just some funny videos

These are just some of the funny , random videos I have on youtube of my family, we obviously love to laugh and have a good time


My husband being silly during Karaoke at the house lol

Old window repurposed into a pot rack

Before, but after one coat of paint


I made this some several months ago and I'm just now getting around to putting it on here. I love old windows, they have so many uses. I needed a pot rack so I decided to make one out of one of the old windows I have. I had black paint on hand so all I needed was a few simple things, like screws,hooks and chains & some lighting. First I painted the window flat black then sanded the edges to make it look distressed. I then screwed the hooks into the corners to attach the chains. I added lights and it was done !

Pallet gate

I had to make a gate for my fainting goats and I didnt want to sink alot of money into it. I always have pallets on hand so I knew I could make something that would work. I bought 2 hinges for $2 and attached them to the pallet & the fence post..tada---a new gate ! ps...please note Sid is mid faint in the backgound lol

donkeys & fainting goats

My 2 "asses" lol just kidding honey...

Sid...our fainting goat..in a mid faint

Our newest addition 

I didnt realize when I took this picture that you could see the "Ass crossing " sign in the background...too funny

I am having a blast with my new animals, they are so much fun ! I love coming home to them everyday. They are just so sweet ! Farm animals are definetely therapeutic !

Pallet Fence

I made these over the summer, they were free and I already had paint on hand. It took a couple of hours to paint them because I had to brush it on. I have since learned that when painting pallets, it is best to use spray paint :)   

Another new do !

dark hair with caramel highlights

So I couldn't take it anymore and had to change my hairdo & color again ! This time I wanted to add a little more dark and change the color of my blonde highlights so i decided to give a caramel color a try...I love it !