Friday, October 5, 2012

Deck redo on a budget

This was my deck when it was halfway done. 

I needed to redo my deck but didn't have alot on money to put into it. The boards were weathered quite bad and I thought the whole deck may need to be replaced.I did some research and came across some deck repair paint at the local home improvement store.I bought it and thought I would give it a try before I tore my deck boards off.  I washed the deck and then screwed down any loose boards before I painted.The paint had a gritty texture and it  was difficult to roll on the deck. I had to use a 3 inch wide paintbrush to apply it to the deck boards first then use a special roller to roll it over the boards.It was alot of work but the results were amazing. My deck is about 15 x35. I bought one 5 gallon bucket and one gallon of paint for the deck,it covered the deck and I had some to spare.  In total I spent about a $100 to redo my deck.    

The deck after being painted

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