Monday, August 27, 2012

Repurposed quilt rack

I recently remodeled my bedroom on a budget and I had one blank wall that needed something. My mother-in-law gave me this old quilt rack that I didnt want to take because I didnt think I would ever use it but I took it anyway.After I had the room painted and stuff put back in place I knew I just needed somewhere to put all my perfume,my husbands cologne,necklaces, nail polish earrings etc. I got to looking around and it hit me, why not repupose that old quilt rack into a multi-purpose shelf/jewelry holder. I cleaned the quilt rack up and left all the dents & dings in it for a rustic feel and mounted it onto the wall using 80lb drywall anchors.I then sat all my perfume,lotions and cologne on top and hung some of my favorite & often worn necklaces on the bar for easy access. I used the drawers for earrings,fingernail polish etc.I took a old mirror my great grandad gave me many years ago and hung it on the wall because it needed a new home too.This project gave me alot of storage for items that usually get cluttered on our dresser and it allowed me to repupose a quilt rack that was about to get thrown away. Of course it also gave me a new home for my "Always Kiss Me Goodnight " sign that I love so much too! The whole look is gorgeous and it had that free sound to it !       

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