Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Love this picture

The  week  before my surgery he wanted  to take  me out , a surprise  he said. We went  to the  Swinging bridge restaurant in  Paint Bank .On the  way  back  we  stopped  at  a pull off to look around. I just  happened to be taking  a picture  of this  beautiful  tree and totally overlooked  him  standing  there. When I went  back  and  looked  at  it  I loved  seeing  him  standing  there  like  that. I was  going  to crop him  out lol so  I'd have  the  picture  of  the  tree but no way, I love  it !

Monday, March 30, 2015

Easy DIY log bench

Well this was a easy DIY project ! I had surgery last  week  at Wake Forest  and  today my husband wanted  me to come  outside because he had a surprise  for me. The weeks leading  up to my surgery we had  been  clearly our land  of some  trees. I had  told  my husband  that  I wanted  to  make some log benches for our outdoor soirees, but with  my surgery I kinda put it on the back burner. Today when  he wanted  me to come outside he told  me that  he had made  me something. I was greatly  surprised,  he had made  me a log bench !! It was so simple,  he took a log about  4 foot long and cut it long ways down the  middle.For the  legs he cut two stumps the  same height and notched  the  tops in a "rounded" V so the log bench would  sit right down  in there.  The bench top was screwed in & when  I heal up i will  be putting a coat of polyurethane  on it . In total this  project cost us $0 ! (Pay no attention to the log in front of the  bench he is working on another project lol) 

Please note our cute baby fainting goat modeling on the  bench lol

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Easy DIY curtains from sheets

I needed  some  curtains  but  as always  I couldn't  spend a fortune,  so I got crafty ! I bought two  black twin sized flat sheets. I cut a slit in each  end of the  sheet that  has the wide fold ... ( I don't  know  if  that  made sense lol ) but I did  take  a picture  so  you  could  see ! I cut a slit just big enough  to  put the  rod through.  After cutting the  slit just slide in the curtain  rod , hang and  you're  done  !  These  are  great  if  you  need  curtains  for  a wide window , it's way  cheaper  then  buying curtains.  Two twin size sheets cover  a window up to 132 inches wide , they  are 96 inches long. If they  are  a little  long  just hang them  higher,  it will  make  the  room  look  bigger  or just let  them  pool up on the  floor ! In total  this  DIY project cost me $12 ( 5 for the two sheets and  2 for the  rods ) Good luck :)

2 flat sheets

The slit cut into the wide  part at top of sheet 

The curtain. ..not the greatest picture but you can see it lol

DIY coat rack -Old lumber into a coat rack

Well recently  my teenage son (who does blacksmithing ) made some  hand forged hooks . I went  to  my scrap lumber pile and  found  a old  board & cut it to  the  size  I wanted. I screwed  on the  hooks and  made a beautiful  rustic looking coat rack. I will  be posting  some  of the  coat racks on etsy ( 2Kraftychics is the  shop ) I also found  some  scrap lumber and  made some  other  coat racks. I painted them  with some  paint  I had  on  hand. You  could  easily  make  these  with  old knobs or hooks.They  are  a easy DIY  project  that  is  also  budget friendly !

Friday, January 9, 2015

Chocolate brown hair color

Another beautiful  makeover  !!

Funky makeover

I love  when  clients want  a funky makeover ! It's so  much  fun  ! This  was  a fun  color...vibrant  pink !

I love my job

This  is  why  I love  my new  career.....I love doing major makeovers  on women !

From brassy blonde  to fabulous  red !

Monday, January 5, 2015

So I bought a sewing machine. ...

Well, I bought  myself  a  sewing  machine. That  being  said , that  thing  is  intimidating!  It sat in box  on the  floor for  two  weeks  before I worked up enough  courage  to  get  it  out.  One  Sunday  I bravely  decided  to  get  it  out  and attempt  to  make  it operational. ..after two hours I finally  figured out how  to  thread  the  bobbin ( yes it had a  instruction manual  as well as a instructional DVD but they  were  confusing )  Let's fast   forward  two weeks ....... I love  owls so  I decided  to  make  a owl pillow ,of course  I had  no  pattern (that  would make  to much  sense) but  I did  have  a $5 bag of fabric I picked  up at  a thrift  store so  I started cutting. Well it turned  out son  seen  it  & said  he  liked  my "horned" owl pillow, after I laughed  and  laughed  I informed  him  those  were  ears. He said  "oh,there are  horned owls you know " I then  informed him  this  was CLEARLY a intentional  horned owl pillow . I have  to  say  it was pretty easy  to  assemble after  I figured  out how  to  manipulate and  move  the fabric workout  sewing my fingers. One  day  I will  get  a pattern  but until  then  I will  continue  to  sew beautiful  "horned" owls :)


Just  so  people  can  put a face with a name  here  is  a picture  of  me  & my daughter.  This  picture  was  taken  for  a local  mother /daughter look  alike contest. 

Craft display

Here are  two more pictures  of a craft  fair me and my daughter  did  . She  made  several  of  these  photo frames  , they  were a hit ! We  will  be placing  some on our Etsy shop  2Kraftychics  soon  !

Sunday, January 4, 2015

More tin can candles

More  recycled  tin cans.  husband  needs to  make  more  stew  bc I got  lots of cans that  day  lol . These  have  various  scents line  vanilla, sugar cookie, spiced  cake & pomegranate. Check out my Etsy shop  2Kraftychics  for more goodies :)

My recycled tin can candles

Everyone  knows  I love  to  re-purpose  just about  everything  so  when  my husband  was  making  stew I quickly  grabbed  these  huge tin cans  bc  I wanted  to  make  something  out of  them . So  I cleaned,painted  & decorated  them  & turned  them  into  candles  ! I sold  them  at  a local  craft  fair  . Check  out my Etsy shop :2Kraftychics  where  I will  be selling some of my crafts.

Craft fair display

Here  was  our corner  display table, we weren't  finished  setting  it up  yet  but  it  was  a hit.'s  a masher  earring  holder  on  the  table....hey  I like to have  displays  to  grab  attention  :) please  note the old school cd holder that  I turned  into  a turning  earring  display....Visit us at our Etsy shop  : 2Kraftychics 

Craft fair goodies again

Here is another  picture  of  some  of  our stuff...please note my friend hiding behind  the  lamp  & yes  those  are  cheese grater earring  holders....our Etsy shop is : 2Kraftychics 

Craft fair goodies continued

Here  are  the  wine lamps I made  & my daughters  handmade Christmas  ornaments  ! We  have such a blast  at  these  fairs ! Check  out our Etsy store: 2Kraftychics where  I will  be  posting  some  of  our creations  :)

Craft fair goodies

Recently me & my  daughter   have gotten  into  craft  we  are  addicted. These  are  a few  of  the  fall pumpkins  she  made  for  one  of the  shows,  they were  amazing ! Of course  fall decorations  are always beautiful! out our  developing  Etsy shop: 2Kraftychics