Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Love my donkeys !

I believe my donkey would get in the car with us if he could ! He is such a baby lol

Friday, April 19, 2013

Love the dark side

Well I did it again, I messed with my hair lol I'm currently letting it grow back out & I'm sticking with the dark side, however, I was tempted to get a few highlights but I didn't. ...... my man likes my dark hair :)  I did get just a hint of red this time to give it some warmth but not husband doesn't like red hair & with good reason ;) lol

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Kitchen remodel on a budget

Before..white cabinets,black appliances, choclate brown wall


after demo

After demo..notice my assistant Neville lol
after demo

I left my tin backsplash
of course the wiring isnt in the right spot for the new range hood so we had to move that 
    new Hickory cabinets!!

Glass mosaic tile                 

    new range hood !!!

The other side of the kitchen-notice the waste of space under the cabinets !

The old cabinets were put up using concrete nails !!!!

New Hickory cabinets !

 Ta-Da !
My kitchen is a ever evolving renovation masterpiece, I have more pictures to come because after this I put natural slate back splash under the cabinets.This kitchen redo was of course done on a budget.I used Hickory cabinets which were about 500 or less , 9 sheets of glass mosaic tile, and a gorgeous range hood I found online. I also left the walls a rich brown color which made my cabinets really pop  ! This kitchen redo was less than $800 and made a huge difference !    

Friday, January 18, 2013

Cheap ice scraper.....booty & a spatula lol

Last night I got stuck at my parents house due to the snow. The next morning me & my mom were attempting to dig out our vehicles. I of course didn't have any type of ice or snow scraper lol. My mom whips out a black plastic spatula to scrap the windows off,of course I got tickled. My doors were frozen shut no matter how hard I pulled they wouldn't budge. My mom said hold hold,and I will show you how its done.I wasn't prepared for the method she was about to show me. She walked over to my vehicle with her spatula,took the flat end and carefully scraped around the door edge near the seal and started hitting my door with her hips & butt....omg....there was no way this could possibly work. After about 2 "booty" bumps my door came open,what the heck lol . Moral of the story is for cheap and easy snow removal use what you were blessed with,oh yeah and $1 spatula :)...booty and a spatula is all you need !

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Something is wrong with this picture lol

I was outside working in the yard when I turned around and seen adult cat trying to nurse off of my non-lactating dog?!? Then as my dog is coming to me the cat is licking its lip as she walks away ! Omg lol too funny !

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My newest do lol

I couldn't leave my hair I went back to my dark side & added caramel highlights ! I love it