Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Blonde balayage

Love this beautiful blonde color.The balayage technique produces beautiful results. #learnearnlive #shadeseqgloss #behindthechair #lisashark #learnearnlive #styleyourstory #myredkenfuture #lisasharkhairdesigns #blondehair #balayage #redkenobsessed #myredkenfuture #redkenhaircolor 

Pink ombre

I love pretty pastel colors. This was alot of fun to do ! Love the pastel pink . #lisasharkhairdesigns #ombre #radforduniversityhair #virginiatechhair #salonnearvirginiatech #salonnearradforduniversity #pinkombrehair #pinkhairdontcare #btcpics #behindthechair #styleyourstory

Blonde Bob

I had a client request a  total overhaul,  this is what she got !!! Cut all the dead,damaged  hair off , and completely changed that bleached out box color. Chemistry treatment and steam infusion treatment were also done.All Redken products were used. I love before and after photos #lisasharkhairdesigns #hairandbodymechanicscburg #beforeandafter #blondehair ##redkenhaircolor #colorcorrection #majortransformation #behindthechair

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Love this picture

The  week  before my surgery he wanted  to take  me out , a surprise  he said. We went  to the  Swinging bridge restaurant in  Paint Bank .On the  way  back  we  stopped  at  a pull off to look around. I just  happened to be taking  a picture  of this  beautiful  tree and totally overlooked  him  standing  there. When I went  back  and  looked  at  it  I loved  seeing  him  standing  there  like  that. I was  going  to crop him  out lol so  I'd have  the  picture  of  the  tree but no way, I love  it !

Monday, March 30, 2015

Easy DIY log bench

Well this was a easy DIY project ! I had surgery last  week  at Wake Forest  and  today my husband wanted  me to come  outside because he had a surprise  for me. The weeks leading  up to my surgery we had  been  clearly our land  of some  trees. I had  told  my husband  that  I wanted  to  make some log benches for our outdoor soirees, but with  my surgery I kinda put it on the back burner. Today when  he wanted  me to come outside he told  me that  he had made  me something. I was greatly  surprised,  he had made  me a log bench !! It was so simple,  he took a log about  4 foot long and cut it long ways down the  middle.For the  legs he cut two stumps the  same height and notched  the  tops in a "rounded" V so the log bench would  sit right down  in there.  The bench top was screwed in & when  I heal up i will  be putting a coat of polyurethane  on it . In total this  project cost us $0 ! (Pay no attention to the log in front of the  bench he is working on another project lol) 

Please note our cute baby fainting goat modeling on the  bench lol

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Want longer hair

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