Sunday, January 11, 2015

Easy DIY curtains from sheets

I needed  some  curtains  but  as always  I couldn't  spend a fortune,  so I got crafty ! I bought two  black twin sized flat sheets. I cut a slit in each  end of the  sheet that  has the wide fold ... ( I don't  know  if  that  made sense lol ) but I did  take  a picture  so  you  could  see ! I cut a slit just big enough  to  put the  rod through.  After cutting the  slit just slide in the curtain  rod , hang and  you're  done  !  These  are  great  if  you  need  curtains  for  a wide window , it's way  cheaper  then  buying curtains.  Two twin size sheets cover  a window up to 132 inches wide , they  are 96 inches long. If they  are  a little  long  just hang them  higher,  it will  make  the  room  look  bigger  or just let  them  pool up on the  floor ! In total  this  DIY project cost me $12 ( 5 for the two sheets and  2 for the  rods ) Good luck :)

2 flat sheets

The slit cut into the wide  part at top of sheet 

The curtain. ..not the greatest picture but you can see it lol

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