Sunday, December 16, 2012

Brownies in a jar

my tea stained tags and twine I bought at a dollar store
My $1  brown paper gift  bags

$1 dollar tissue paper

The finished product - Brownies in a jar !
Ta-da ! Inexpensive homemade Christmas gift

I needed something thoughtful yet inexpensive for several Christmas gifts, times being what they are I needed to come up with a gift idea that was fairly inexpensive. Then I thought about a gift in a jar idea. My family loves sweets so  brownies in a jar seemed like the perfect idea ! I had several mason jars at home complete with lids and rings so I didn't have to spend the money buying all of those ! I had most of the ingredients on hand as well ( another money saver) so all I had to do was go buy some twine & some rustic/primative looking wrapping items and I was set.I went to a local dollar bargain store and found what I was looking for.I went home measured out all the ingredients put them in the jars, slapped on a recipe label & ta-da... a neat , delicious homemade gift ! At least I know this gift will get used lol. All in all the gifts cost me less than $20 and they look neat too !

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