Friday, January 18, 2013

Cheap ice scraper.....booty & a spatula lol

Last night I got stuck at my parents house due to the snow. The next morning me & my mom were attempting to dig out our vehicles. I of course didn't have any type of ice or snow scraper lol. My mom whips out a black plastic spatula to scrap the windows off,of course I got tickled. My doors were frozen shut no matter how hard I pulled they wouldn't budge. My mom said hold hold,and I will show you how its done.I wasn't prepared for the method she was about to show me. She walked over to my vehicle with her spatula,took the flat end and carefully scraped around the door edge near the seal and started hitting my door with her hips & butt....omg....there was no way this could possibly work. After about 2 "booty" bumps my door came open,what the heck lol . Moral of the story is for cheap and easy snow removal use what you were blessed with,oh yeah and $1 spatula :)...booty and a spatula is all you need !

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