Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Time for a new do'

Before the cut

Also before the cut

So back in February of this year I decided I wanted to change my hairstyle.I took a before picture of the back of my hair and as you can tell it was very long and also curly.It was cut in long layers and angled so the end of my hair was about 4 inches from my waist.I have naturally curly hair so I knew I had to pick a style that was versatile for curly hair but could also be straightened.I must also point out that even though I was blessed with pretty hair that I have never been one who can leave it alone,I am constantly changing my hair.Throughout the years I do believe I have sported about every hairdo possible! In fact if  I remember many years ago me and my kids were looking though some pictures and my son kept asking "mommy who is this" I had to keep replying" honey,that's mommy,and that's mommy and that's mommy..." I have changed my hair color so many times that I don't even know what my natural color is lol.Sometimes I wonder why I mess with my hair because I love my hair in its natural state,dark and curly.Of course I didn't tell my husband what I was planning on doing with my hair because I knew he would throw a fit, he loved my long hair,but i wanted a drastic change, so here is what was cut off:   

Many,many inches of beautiful brown hair fell to the floor. As the hair fell I felt as if I might puke,pass out or crap myself all in the same sequence, it was intense, however once the first cut was made there was no turning back! This is what it looked like:  

yes, I am making "pout" mouth ! :)
love how shiny my hair looks after I leave the salon

omg, look how short the back is ! This was a big change!

I felt naked after having so much hair cut off, I just knew my husband was going to be upset but there was nothing I could do and besides after the initial shock wore off, I loved it ! However, I only had it cut that day and was bored with the color so I made another appointment at the Salon for a highlighting.Let me also say that I have the best hairdresser's in the world and I have been with them for many years, so I knew everything was going to be ok. So I left the salon and called my husband , he asked what I had done and I told him I just had it cut, I failed to mention that I cut all my hair off! Long story short I got home and he nearly passed out, but he loved it ! I told him not to get to used to it because I was changing the color lol. Stay tuned for more!   


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