Monday, October 1, 2012

Repurposed old chair

This was the chair before...
 I bought this chair at a Antique store for $5. It was in horrible shape but I loved the design of it and I knew I could make something out of it. Of course my husband thought it was a waste of time of money lol. He has no vision ....Anyway, I got the chair home and decided to make a planter out of it. I left the old chipped paint the way it was. The bottom was busted so I finished cutting the bottom out of it & found a old red & white metal bowl/pan that I had. I put the bowl/pan down inside the cut out area and placed one of my ferns in it.I had a gorgeous $5 planter  from a old chair ! It looks amazing and right at home beside my pallet fence :)

The chair after ...

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