Friday, October 5, 2012

Entryway on a budget

This was my entry way before

Entryway before

My entryway was in dire need of some kind of makeover. The paint on the steps was peeling and it had no color or pizazz.It was bland and boring.I went to my building and found all the paint that I had and tried to come up with a color scheme that would work. I found red & grey paint and decided to use them to somehow spruce my entryway up.I decided to paint the steps red and also my new $19 screen door .I then painted the trim around my door grey to make my front door stand out. I also bought a pack of anti-slip mix for $5.99 to add to my paint for the steps and also a $13 screen door hardware kit (knobs,hinges etc.)  I got a whole new entryway look for $37.50 plus tax.  :)  

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