Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bathroom remodel on a budget

We needed to redo our bathroom and we didn't have alot of money to put into it. I also wanted to keep our rustic theme so finding the right materials was a must.I made a bathroom door to look like a old barn door ( I will post picture soon)  and I knew I needed to find something to tie in with the barn door look. So While I was at the local home improvement store I seen sheets of metal roofing...perfect for a rustic tub surround I thought.So I bought 3 sheets of the roofing not sure how much I would need  and I still needed a bath tub. Later that evening I went to the Restore Home furnishings and stumbled upon a brand new garden tub bathtub, it was  perfect and it was only a $100 so I bought it & took it home.Now came the tricky part, how to assemble all this so that it will look ok.I called upon a good friend who knows how to fix/repair anything and told him my idea. He told me it was do-able and so it began.
After tearing out and gutting my bathroom down to the sub floor we were ready to reassemble my bathroom.I had found some waterproof laminate flooring on sale the same day I got the tin roof, so I was ready to get going.After the floor was down, my friend worked his magic on the tub, after a days work it was all together and looked amazing. I reused all my old bath fixtures after cleaning them up and shinning them real good .All my bargain finds were then put into place and the finishing touches were added.When it was all said and done I had completely remodeled our bathroom on about $200 maybe a little less. Sure there was some minor issues like when my honey wouldn't listen to me about turning the main water line off to the house before installing a new toilet and we got drenched & shorted out a bathroom light.......but in the end after all the madness,laughing and pure HELL I  had the rustic bathroom that I wanted, and it had that cheap sound to it ! :)   

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