Monday, August 20, 2012

pallet garden

I did this project a couple of months ago and it turned our really good.I had a few people ask me about it so I thought I would put it on here. The total cost of this garden was about $20 and that was for plants and top soil. I already had the chicken wire, screws and pallets on hand, I always have pallets on hand lol.All I did was measure out the size garden I wanted ,laid the pallets down (I used 2 for this garden but next year I will use more) then i filled then with top soil and put my plants in. After everything was planted I run the wire around the garden and secured it to wooden stakes I made to keep the deer and other wildlife out (note how happy my husband looks after hammering in all those stakes lol) !  So far this garden had done great! Easy to assemble and to weed !  

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