Friday, August 17, 2012

shabby chic crate shelf project

My next project for my bedroom as to create some more storage room without spending a fortune.I had seen several cute crate shelves and decided I was going to make me some crate shelves, easier said then done ! Although the project its self was easy, some of the aspects to assembly were a pain.. a major pain ! First of all old apple crates are hard to come by now, so I made several and I do mean several phone calls all around to see if anyone had any old crates, no such luck.Then I made a last call to a craft store and they said they had 6 wooden crates, I told them I would be right over to get them. I dashed over to the store only to be told that they did in fact have the crates but....they were on the top shelf and were full of items, great I thought. So i told the sales girl I was going to buy the crates and I before I knew it I was unstocking and then restocking their shelves ! At one point someone asked me where the floral department was ! After my temporary job assignment at the store I took all my crates to the cash register  then stopped and bought 8 cans of flat black spray paint . I made it home with all the crates and paint  got to work.First of all, I hate spray paint, it always runs or you run out and in my case inhale too much and nearly pass out ! It shouldn't take 30 minutes to spray paint one wooden crate , just sayin! After I got them all painted and dried I took them into my bedroom to assemble them on the wall around my old black dresser that my great-grandad gave me many years ago. Let me say that you cant just screw them to a wall that is drywall, you have to use the drywall anchors, it is a must ! This part was easy once I figured out where I wanted them all, my son was ready to pull his hair out because I kept rearranging them. After it was all said and done it turned out good and provided alot of space for rolled up tshirts,pants,shorts,etc.Total cost of this project was less than $60 !    

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