Monday, August 27, 2012

My bathroom barn door remodel on a budget

Here is the bathroom door that was made for a rustic bathroom remodel. It was made with only 9 old barn boards that I had.IT was simple to make and is a great conversation piece lol. All 9 boards were planed down to reveal the grain ( they were aged pretty bad) then they 6 of the boards were cut to the height of the bathroom door way & I had to measure the width to figure out how many boards I would need for the door. Then all boards were laid down on a work table and the top board (which we measured and cut the right width) was placed at the top of the boards and screwed in using black wood screws.The next board which runs from the top corner of the door to the oppositee bottom corner was cut & screwed into place then the bottom piece was cut & screwed in.I bought big hinges at a farm supply store for about $1.50 and I found a front piece off of a old lock that I had and screwed it to the front of the door for a rustic look.So this door only cost me $1.50 & about a hour and a half of my time ! When you get to looking around you will find that most of the time you have great materials that you can re-purpose and use for something, in my case that old barn wood that I had for years turned into a great bathroom door that was simple & quick to make !

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