Friday, August 17, 2012

my bedroom project

So I finally got around to redoing my bedroom, it has been one of the last rooms for me to renovate.After getting tired of nothing being organized & no room for anything I decided it was time to make some changes and clear some stuff out and create that romantic bedroom I have been wanting! First and foremost I had to get everything out of the bedroom, that was a job best left to someone else ,so I struck up a deal with my daughter who not only agreed to take everything out of the room but to also paint it ! I came home and true to her word she had everything emptied out of my room and had already slathered on one coat of paint.All looked well except for one thing....the old boarder that i thought would be ok to paint over was peeling up and looking horrible so something had to be done.We waited until the paint dried then took the board down & sanded the wall, then we could paint again.Two days later the painting was finally done and the daunting task of putting everything back up and going through stuff started.The biggest thing on my list was making a headboard and getting a lighted bed canopy over my bed.I didn't want any thing modern,I wanted a vintage/shabby chic look that wasn't going to break the bank so I started looking at what I already had around the house that I could reuse in a different way.I found a old wooden oblong mirror that was give to me, a black wrought iron curtain rod and I bought a $30 bed canopy but I will still missing my stand out piece to mount on the wall behind the bed to tie it all together.As luck would have it I went after work one day to find the perfect piece.I went to a local second hand store and found what I was looking for. I found a gorgeous mirror with shutters built onto the sides that opened with the milky white antiqued paint...simply gorgeous ! So I bought it took it home to work some magic on all these pieces.I found some old white Christmas lights that can be used on most anything around the house to add some appeal.  I mounted the oblong mirror as a headboard then put the black wrought iron curtain rod above to  hold back the canopy fabric the mounted the big vintage shutter mirror to my wall, that was a pain in the rear ! but it turned out very pretty.This was a very inexpensive diy project that was simple and ended with the romantic bedroom I wanted :)   

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